Specialty Sports Video Productions, LLC

Focusing Exclusively on College Recruitment Videos Since 1991


It’s never too soon to start your video library for your student athlete.


  Many who wait until the senior year of high school find out it's too late!


The marketing of a student athlete is a competitive process and the best way to get noticed is to have a professional video portfolio. SSP will send a professional videographer with latest equipment to your athlete’s event.  You decide which games, and how many you want taped.


Then SSP will create a professionally edited highlight video.  Coaches prefer to watch an edited 5 or 6 minute professionally highlight video rather than watching hours of raw footage and trying to pick out your athlete.


We even have professional recruiting services available to get your highlight video directly to college coaches.


SSP also tapes game day events, along with scouting tapes for many coaches in the metropolitan area.


Don't wait.  Call or Email us today for information on how to get started.